About Sheriff

Sheriff.so is an Ideas social network for engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors, designers and investors. What makes the Sheriff.so social network so unique is that we bring creative and business people together to make new ideas happen.

We place the Idea with the highest percentage of positive comments top for their designated Idea category. This creates a system that gives the best ideas the recognition they need to get going.

When you have an idea its really tough to get it moving and meet and trust the right people. Its also difficult to see if its already been done. Sheriff.so aims to solve these problems by creating a place to register an idea first and see if it has been done before. Or if there is a gap in the market you can connect with the right people to help your idea grow and become successful.

Your idea is in safe hands and we do not publish your ideas without your permission. You control who gets to see your idea and you will retain ownership of your Intellectual Property. Whether it is contacts made on Sheriff.so or when you decide you want the public to see it for approval, you are the master of your ideas destiny. And until you click publish not even we can see your idea as it is securely encrypted in our database until you do so.

Remember for every commercially successful idea there are hundreds of truly brilliant ideas that need to be dreamt up. So don't be afraid of getting your idea known you could be part of the next big thing!

Social networking to make things better.

The Sheriff.so Team.

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